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Meet Dr Mike Plueschow:

Dr Mike

Dr. Mike's introduction to the wonders of chiropractic began the early 1970's when as a member of Canada's national diving team, he suffered repetitive stresses to his neck causing headache, neck pains, and tingling in his hands. Not knowing where to turn, a team mate suggested he try a chiropractic approach. He followed their advice and after a few visits the headaches and tingling went away. A specialized spinal wellness program was advised and soon he felt alive again! He also decided this is what he wanted do for the rest of his working life!

Dr. Mike's mission has always been to help as many people as possible reach their true health potential, especially children, through the drug free chiropractic approach. He is uniquely trained to locate and correct nerve system interferences, which in turn will help the body's natural healing abilities.

Dr. Mike designed his clinic to reflect on the gentle hands-on approach he uses with all his patients. He loves working with families including children and the elderly. He has worked with professional sports teams, many major musical show cast members and Olympic athletes.

Membership with the Canadian Chiropractic Association, the International Chiropractors' Association and the Manitoba Chiropractors Association are a few of his credentials.

Outside the clinic Dr. Mike is very active and loves spending time with his family and two grandchildren. He also has a passionate love for sailing with his wife, skydiving and flying.